How Influencers Make Money On TikTok

A straightforward way to accomplish this is to monitor trends in each market in which you operate. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, the simplest of which is to follow popular hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and ensure that they are localized to each country. The San Diego Zoo only started posting a few months ago (a common theme as you’ve seen), but their videos are great. These may sync with other issues too; how to create consistent, high quality content at scale and speed as well as evaluate the impact it’s having. Find out more about TikTok’s relationship with advertisers.

What better way to show what you know than to create your own content? Because TikTok is relatively new, you may be having doubts about starting an influencer campaign on the platform, but the answer is a resounding yes. You can reach a vast audience using influencers on TikTok. That’s extremely close to the number of minutes people are using other popular apps, like Facebook , Instagram , and Snapchat (49.5 minutes).

Since TikTok was launched in 2016 as Douyin, it has experienced an unstoppable growth. In 2020, it has 800 million monthly active users according to DataReportal. Numbers that place TikTok on top of other social channels like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Even creators who aren’t considered “beauty creators” got involved — including popular TikTok comedian and singer, Fia James. Brands can participate in an unbranded hashtag challenge for organic content as well. According to TikTok for Business, the median engagement rate generated by branded hashtag challenges is 17.5%. When users browse their For You Page, they are extremely focused and engaged.94% of TikTokers take some kind of action or engagement. Comparatively, only 62.4% of people say they are more likely to interact with a brand on Instagram rather than on other social media channels.

Collaborate with other creators or brands to get your name out to a larger audience. If you’ve ever been curious about building a personal brand, this post has you covered. We’ll break down all the ways you can build and manage your personal brand to maximize opportunities for your videos on TikTok. Wondering how to track the results of your brand-building efforts? TikTok Analytics will tell you a lot about key metrics such as follower growth, video views, profile views, likes, comments, and shares. For more insights, check out our free Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness.

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India has a particularly large user base and accounts for approximately 25% of app downloads to date. As of March 2019, the userbase of TikTok in the US was approximately 14 Million. With this unified brand and user base, the app began to increase in popularity very quickly. TikTok became the most downloaded app on the Apple App store in early 2018, surpassing Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube. As of July 2019, TikTok has over 500million total installs on the Google Play Store.

We’ve also partnered with Buzzoid, a social media growth agency that makes it super easy for you to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views. Posting content when your target audience will be most active is a surefire way to get more TikTok followers. So be sure to understand how time zones work to maximize the outreach of your videos. More views mean more potential customers and greater sales profits. The best way to get more views on TikTok is to create original content and post at least 1-3 times a day to get more TikTok followers quickly. TikTok Pro is a free premium account that any current TikTok user can switch to, be it business or individual.

Read more about here. Hashtag challenges involve creating and naming a challenge and sharing it on TikTok; users then create their own versions of the video and tag it with the same hashtag. This allows other users to easily find the original video, thus increasing the amount of engagement the challenge gets and strengthening brand awareness strategies. Another option is to set up a dedicated UGC account on TikTok that can be used as a repository for all content shared by your followers. This approach has the added bonus of allowing you to repurpose user-generated videos for other marketing channels like social media and your website. These aren’t previews or trailers, but clever cutting, editing, and curation ofselect parts of its showsto give fans a new shorthand language to discuss each show.

When it comes to knowing what TikTok’s audience likes, there’s no better expert than creators themselves! And collaborating with them is a great way to give any TikTok promotion a boost. In-Feed Ads, the campaign resulted in a 5X increase in App Install Volume and a 64% decrease in cost-per-registration.

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