How To Double Your Instagram Followers

You can tell if an influencer has fake account followers by comparing the engagements of their posts to their number of followers. If they have many followers and low engagements, they might be having followers from fake accounts. Take the hiatus and don’t worry about your followers. Do not make changes to your personal life to accommodate social media.

One or more of these photos was posted by a power user — someone with a lot of followers. Experiment with different times of day to see which time works best. Your competitors have the same target audience as you do so don’t be afraid to swipe the hashtags that they’re using. When you find a list of hashtags that gets high levels of engagement, copying these and save them in your note file. That way, instead of typing them out every time, you can copy and paste them into your comment. I recommend spending a couple of hours to put together a database of hashtags for your profile.

IGTV videos can be up to an hour long, allowing you to explore topics in-depth. You can also create an IGTV series, which encourages viewers to follow your account rather than simply watching a video and moving on. And don’t play the game where you follow people just to get their attention, then unfollow after they follow you back. This is not good for your Instagram reputation, as it’s really a jerk move. If your Instagram feed is full of compelling content that’s relevant to their interests, they’re likely to return the favor.

Because Instagram’s policy for third-party applications clearly states that generating any such list for users violates the policy. This clearly points out to the fact that there has to be something fishy with the method by which you connect your Instagram to these apps. Use tags for likes hashtags, you can install an app on your iPhone or Android that shows a list of hashtags that you can put on the description of your photos to get more likes. If you’d like to earn money from your images, consider selling prints of them online instead. In general, use hashtags that are specific and targeted. These will be more effective than broad, popular hashtags since you’ll have less competition when using them.

But, a 35-year-old living in Tampa may crave an international trip involving amenities like an on-site masseuse. Before you can devise an Instagram giveaway or contest, you need to know what motivates and interests your audience. Finding out these details help you select the right prize and develop an eye-catching caption. Both elements can encourage users to take a look at your promo and business profile. Create a marketing campaign that is exclusively focused on promoting your Instagram profile. This can include T-shirts, mugs, TV commercials and whatever your mind can imagine.

Otherwise, 10k would be a good starting point for getting into shoutouts. Like I said, having your account Instagram follower number over 10k is magical. It builds credibility and you’re definitely not another random account out there anymore. Start checking who’s not following you back and unfollow these accounts. There’s plenty of apps for both Android and iOS for this exact purpose — just give it a search. If you decide to go with 12 initial posts, I’d suggest posting them within 2-3 days at least.

For instance, @bevel reposted a video from blogger Rickey Scott using and recommending their products to their 600+ followers. Your photo gallery is where content can be perfect and polished. Instagram Stories are for the raw, unscripted, and unretouched. Use Stories to share the other side of your brand that followers might not be able to see elsewhere. Start filming to showcase the more human side of your brand.

When you receive 10,000 followers, you can add links to your Instagram Stories. Read more about buy likes instagram here. We discovered Jon Woon through our branded hashtag and re-shared the content on our own account .Why is UGC so popular?. “It relays authentic experiences about a brand’s products or services from previous customers, which boosts brand credibility,” says Ramon Berrios of Trend.

You know how you will tune into shows like American Idol or the latest soccer or football match because it’s live and you want to see what’s happening in real time? That’s the effect Instagram is hoping for with live content. A lot of marketers will probably disagree with me on this, but I’ve recently noticed that posting more content doesn’t necessarily make your account grow faster. This is massive social proof that they have managed to establish a platform that people really love. As with previous milestones, everything we covered before can surely be used to grow your account and help you get followers on Instagram. One of the best ways to get people promoting your content is by simply asking them to tag their friends.

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